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What We Look For

Our Focus

Our focus is on identifying and acquiring ONE privately held business, and working with the owner to structure a mutually beneficial transaction. Our acquisition structure is highly flexible, and we focus on creating a transition that builds on the owners legacy. Once acquired, the Managing Partner, Randy Rempp, a seasoned CEO/President, will step in to lead the business.

We look for businesses that are profitable, with a track record of growth, predictable cash flows, and have identifiable growth opportunities. Below you will find a list of some of the characteristics we generally look for in a business.


  • Annual Revenue of $5M to $60M

  • EBITDA: $1.75M+

  • EBITDA Margin Around or Better Than 15%

  • 3+ Years of Continuous Profitability


  • Services Oriented

  • Technology & SaaS

  • Growing Industries

  • Low Seasonality

  • Fragmented

  • No Dominant Competitor or Brand


  • Recurring Revenue

  • Diverse Customer Base

  • Strong Employee & Supplier Relations

  • Identifiable Growth Opportunities


  • Owner Seeking a Liquidity Event

  • Owner Seeking to Pursue a New Venture

  • Owner Seeking a Lesser Role Within the Company

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